One day, Bushy disappeared into the tree house where he lived. He didn't come out for 27 days and 27 nights. When he finally came out, he had two things. An incredible craving for a corn dog with mustard. And the blueprints for a magical toy making machine he called the Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu.

When Santa saw the plans for this incredible toy making machine, he gasped with excitement. It would not only be the wonder of the North Pole, but of the whole world. And it would mean that there would be enough toys for all the good boys and girls all over the world for hundreds of years.

Bushy made that first toy making machine over 500 years ago, a second one about 260 years ago, and now this year he and his team of elf engineers are perfecting a brand new Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu that will be the biggest and best ever at turning children's dreams into toys. The funny thing is that with all the power sources in the world today, the best one is still the hamster on a wheel that runs the whole doggone thing!

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