Pepper pulled a giant switch and his makeshift alarm system went off, clanging trachcan lids and soup cans full of marbles tied together with string and wire. Pepper had spent the entire summer laying out this fail-safe system far out around the Village. In a moment every elf in the Village rushed out at the sound of Pepper's first alert system.

"Haul out the cotton candy machines and all the sugar!"

"Heat up the popcorn poppers!"

"Roll out the marshmallow makers!"

"Get all the powdered sugar barrels outside!"

"Bring out the icing blenders! Move, move, move!"

He zigzagged through the Village urging every elf to do their part. And amazingly, within minutes, everything was set up and ready to go. Then, at Pepper's command, every machine was activated to its absolutely positively highest setting...FULL TILT BOOGIE!

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