With the tree filling the igloo, Ooopsy had to find a place to put all his personal items. Since he didn't have a closet, a dresser, or even shelves in the igloo, he started hanging his belongings on that tree...his spectacles, his watch and chain, a pipe, some favorite glass beads, a crystal prism or two, his reading glass, some bright gold and silver coins, etc. Every night when he built his cooking fire, the firelight made everything on the tree shimmer and twinkle with magical light.

And that was when this jolly fellow named Santa Claus came along in his sleigh and found Ooopsy. Watching the old elf shinny up and down the tree with all his belongings, Santa was very amused and came up with the nickname of Shinny Upatree, which Ooopsy liked a whole lot better than Ooopsy. (Wouldn't you?). Santa was so taken with the beautiful twinkling tree that he decided that everyone should have such a tree to celebrate Christmas. And that is how the Christmas tree was born, right there in Shinny's igloo.

Even though Shinny had originally gone off on his own to be alone, when he heard of Santa's ideas to make Christmas a magical time for children all over the world, Shinny became the first true believer in Santa Claus.

He started contacting other elves in faraway lands to see if they too believed in Santa's love for children and Christmas. Shinny was very particular about the elves who were invited to help build the first village at the North Pole. From all over the world, the elves that came brought with them their old trades as builders, furniture and toy makers, artists, painters and designers. And all of them, every last one, brought with them elfin magic, the ancient birthright of all elves everywhere.

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