He up and joined the show. When the circus ringmaster asked him what he specialized in, Wunorse told him, "Horses!" Naturally, in his mind's eye he saw himself standing in the center ring with beautiful ponies prancing around him, all bedecked in glitter and feather plumes. All he needed was a ringmaster's whip. What he got was a shovel. Wunorse followed the horses in the big parade. Ah, but show-biz got into his blood, and on his shoes, on his pants, on his coat,, this wasn't what he hand in mind at all.

One day his elfin powers sensed another calling. It was the call of Shinny! Wunorse dropped his shovel and took off following the magic call, which took him all the way to the North Pole. There, still broad shouldered and stout in his middle years, his blonde hair hanging in horse braids and his beard in curls, Wunorse found a different kind of show business excitement. The pageantry of Christmas!

Shinny and Santa Claus asked him to devise a vehicle that would be able to take presents to all the good little boys and girls around the one night! Well, almost dizzy from the very idea, Wunorse rolled up his short little shirt sleeves and started working on a dozen concepts.

First he built a boat on sleigh runners, but the sail wouldn't carry it forward if the wind died down. Then he tried all kind of wagons which got bogged down in deep snowdrifts. Then sleighs which sank like stones when they came to bodies of water. Wunorse even tried to invent a steam engine sleigh train, but everyone figured it would have taken a half million years and all the elfin magic on Earth to lay enough tracks to reach around the world. He even tried magic boots with huge coil springs which Santa would use to jump from house to house like a giant bullfrog. But, alas, his ideas were going nowhere. Neither was Santa!

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