It's DOTTO Time!
Santa Claus loves making connect-the-dots drawings, and thought you would, too. So he's created two ways to have fun.



Do you see all the little numbers to the left? That's an electronic connect-the-dots drawing you can do right here on the site. Just click on (1) and wait for the pencil to appear. Then, click on (2) and the first line will magically fill in. Click on the other numbers in order to fill in the other lines. You'll get a surprise when you finish!


Santa created this connect-the-dots drawing just for you. It's for you to print out and fill in yourself. Click the DO IT YOURSELF DOTTO picture, and then print out the picture that appears. What could it be? You'll just have to see!


Have fun! And after you've finished SUPER DUPER DOTTO or printed out the DO IT YOURSELF DOTTO drawing, you can get your personalized Honorary Elf Diploma for this game.

You will also be given the secret Elf Greeting. Be sure to use this greeting any time you meet someone you think may be an Elf. Try it with your friends, too. You never know how many of them have been to Santa Claus Elf School, just like you!

Get Your Diploma For This Game