Santa Claus is back at the North Pole now. He hopes to see you back here to follow his journey next Christmas Eve... in 2018!

It was one of the most exciting Christmas Eve journeys ever. Santa Claus traveled far and wide to deliver a record number of toys to good boys and girls. The specially trained "Sleigh Spotter Control Elves" were kept very busy helping Santa Claus find the safest, fastest route. And now he is back at home, relaxing with Mrs. Claus.

Follow Santa Claus
all around the world!

There were regular updates on Santa's progress throughout the evening. The screen showed a view of his sleigh's cockpit, a count of how many cookies Santa Claus had eaten, and a flight journal of what happened on each part of the trip.


It was exciting to see Santa
approach your house!

Boys and girls all over the world got to see Santa Claus get closer and closer to their very own home. A special treat was the new animated radar screen with their home right in the center. The "Children Awake" warning had lots of children rushing off to bed!

See actual screens from Santa's amazing Christmas Eve journey!
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