Tommy The Tomato Nose Reindeer

1/2 cup tuna salad, cheese spread, or ham spread
Carrot strips (can be purchased already cut or have an adult cut them for you)
2 Hard-boiled egg slices or cucumber slices (use egg slicer or have adult help)
1 Cherry tomato
1 Ice cream scoop


  1. On a plate, form the head of a reindeer by using the ice cream scoop
  2. Make the top a little larger than the bottom
  3. Make antlers by cutting the carrot strips into two pieces
  4. Arrange like tree branches on top of the bread
  5. Use egg or cucumber slices for eyes
  6. Add tomato for nose at the bottom
  7. Serve with crackers
(Can be made larger for a crowd or a party. Use 1/2 of an egg cut top to bottom for larger eyes and larger tomato for nose. Leave carrot strips whole.)