Merry Chris-Mousse Cone
Medium mixing bowl
Butter knife
Rolling pin or canned good
T wo plastic seal bags
Coffee cup
1/2 cup measuring cup

1 box chocolate mousse mix or pudding
1/2 cup milk
2 White chocolate bars
1 box small sugar ice cream cones
12 small candy canes


  1. Mix mousse according to package directions
  2. Chill 2hrs.
  3. Crush candy bars in sealed bags with rolling pin or canned good (not too much--the size of a pea)
  4. Measure out 1\2 cup of chilled mousse
  5. Spoon 1\2 into cone and push down with knife
  6. Use cup to hold cone
  7. Sprinkle on crushed candy bars
  8. Fill with rest of 1\2 cup mousse
  9. Sprinkle more candy bar crumbs on top
  10. Stick candy canes into top like antlers
Makes 5-6 cones