Christmas Mouse

1 piece of stiffened green felt (craft store)
2 small black beads
1 piece of brown felt
1 Brazil nut in the shell (grocery store)
1 small red bead
1 rubber band


  1. Trace holly leaf on to green felt and cut out (see pattern)
  2. Trace 2 ears on to brown felt and cut out (see pattern)
  3. Pinch bottom of each ear together and glue
  4. Cut 3" piece of rubber band
  5. Spread glue on felt leaf and put rubber band on top with some hanging over
  6. Glue flat side of nut to felt, covering end of rubber band tail
  7. Glue ears to sides of nut, sticking up over top
  8. Glue red bead to end for a nose
Take your place card and thread the rubber band tail through the hole. Put the place cards on the table where you would like your guests to sit. Now everyone will know where to sit.

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