This thunderous reindeer got his name because he's been struck by lightning so much that he is now actually electrically charged! It all started in his early childhood when he grew up on the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps. The peaks are so close to the sky that every time a storm cloud passed by it would ZAP-POW! Blitzen right on his antlers.
Blitzen eventually was able to get radio and television stations on his antlers because of all the electricity. On top of that he started to point north all the time, just like a compass!

One day, Blitzen decided to follow his magnetic attraction and go the North Pole. When he got there, Santa immediately saw the potential in Blitzen and made him a part of his reindeer team.

Now Blitzen serves as Santa's compass, radio back to the North Pole, and lightning rod in case they have to fly through storm clouds!