Santa Claus Welcomes
you to the New Toy Workshop

What a happy, busy place. Santa Claus and the elves are working hard to make Christmas toys for all the good girls and boys in the world! And there are lots of fun things for you to do.

See the world's most advanced Toy making machine!
Just click on the Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu downstairs and you'll see Santa's latest toy-making creation. It's the one and only creation of its kind in the whole wide world. Click through to see all the screens and then have the Hulla-Ballu make the toys you select! If you have the Flash 4 plug-in, you'll see a fully animated edition, complete with wacky sounds and extra fun. (Flash 4 is free and an easy download.)

Choose your very own Elf Buddies.
Pick as many as you like from Santa's favorite elves. You can print their pictures with a personal greeting from your Elf Buddy to you. If you'd like, you can even ask your Elf Buddy (or Elf Buddies) to send you a weekly E-mail, so you'll get the latest about news about your Elf Buddy, Santa Claus and what's going on in the Village! No ads or anything. Just tons of fun!