A dapper reindeer from Los Angeles who gave up his illustrious film career to help pull Santa's sleigh. But don't let that fool you into believing that Dasher's life is motivated by self-sacrifice, on the contrary!

Pulling Santa's sleigh has made Dasher even more famous! He spends most of the "off season" either tanning his hide on the beach or making films with Venison Studios - a movie company that he owns and operates all by himself.

The other reindeer get upset with Dasher because he never shows up to sleigh riding practice. In fact, Dasher is notorious for only showing up at the North Pole by private jet a few hours before Santa's take off!

Dasher is the best flying reindeer in the world, and that's why Santa made him Captain of the reindeer team. If he wasn't the best, Santa would have given him the boot (or hoof) a long time ago.