Bear-y Merry Christmas
16" piece of Chirstmas wrapping paper
1 Teddy bear approx.8" high (any size bear can be used--double the highth of the bear for paper size)
18" Ribbon
Hat or trim or bow
2 Fir picks (small)
1 Candy cane
1 Package wrapping shreds (found in gift wrap department)


  1. Fold paper in half to make a triangle
  2. Keep folded edge away from you
  3. Roll the paper from the right side into a cone with a tight point at center of long fold (see pattern)
  4. With left hand, continue to roll into cone
  5. Punch holes on either side of cone
  6. Thread 18" ribbon through holes tie knots in each end for a handle
  7. Decorate bear with bow or ribbon or hat
  8. Stick bear in cone
  9. Stuff wrapping shreds around bear
  10. Stick Fir picks behind bear
  11. Stick candy cane by arm of bear

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