Thousands of pounds of cotton candy exploded like clouds into the air! Thousands and thousands of barrels and sacks of granulated and powdered sugar erupted into the wind like a blizzard! Tons of white popcorn blew up like a volcano! And marshmallow flowed like lava. And then, as the entire Village disappeared beneath tons and tons of sticky white muck and gobs of gelatinous goo, Pepper, standing atop the North Pole itself, gave the final order in a booming voice..."Hit the dirt!"

And the entire village of elves hit instant before the airplanes flew directly over head. No one moved, no one breathed until the sound of the airplanes disappeared in the distance. They had not seen the Village. They were saved. And all at once, all the Villagers stood up, covered with dripping white sludge (and popcorn) and gave a cheer that is still resounding throughout the North Pole. Victory is sweet and Pepper Minstix had saved the day!

He'd also made quite a mess! But Pepper, Santa and the elves all pitched in to clean it up and then "re-arm" the sophisticated cloaking system with fresh cotton candy, sugar, popcorn and marshmallows.

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