And what an operation she created! Today, anyone who peeks in the kitchen can see that it takes dozens and dozens of elfin chefs, cooks and bottle washers just to keep the Village going on three meals a day, not to mention snacks twenty four hours a day. Snacks for the elves. Snacks for Santa. Even snacks for the reindeer!

In order to keep everything organized, Sugarplum Mary wears an apron covered with a list of everything she’s making that day. She also likes to sling a dish towel over one shoulder to help her keep things sparkling clean and to swat at young elves who like to snatch cookies just out of the oven. Actually, she probably swats at one old elf more than all the young ones combined. It’s old Shinny Upatree himself. He’s a sucker for her double-crunch, chocolate-peanut butter, sugarplum cookies… with itty bitty marshmallows on top!

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