Modern science and elfin engineering weren't cutting it. Then one dark, cold night, as he passed the stable where Shinny lived with his reindeer, he heard the most disagreeable noises coming from inside. Shinny was yelling, reindeer were bleating, and pots and pans were being thrown all over the place!

Wunorse saw that the reindeer were eating from Shinny's pot of cabbage and cheese soup. Shinny kept trying to chase them away, but they kept coming back for more. Wunorse strode in and offered a solution. Back in the old country, to keep the horses from eating the elf food, Wunorse had taken to sprinkling a little magic dust on the wheat grain. It tasted so funny, the horses stopped nibbling the elves bread.

So, he figured what's good for horses is good for reindeer. He reached in his pocket and came out with a pinch of magic dust, and sprinkled it over Shinny's soup pot. With that, he turned and left, still trying to figure out how he was going to get Santa Claus around the world with a zillion presents in one night.

Suddenly Wunorse heard Shinny shouting for him to look out! He wheeled around to see the doors burst open and eight tiny reindeer leaped into the air, sparkling with magic twinkles. Shinny ran out behind them holding his empty soup pot, hollering at them, "Now Dancer, now Prancer, now Donner and Blitzen--" Wunorse stood in amazement watching the reindeer playfully prancing around and around like high flying circus ponies, leaping and tumbling on the icy breezes. He, of course, knew what had happened. The reindeer had a different reaction to the magic dust. It gave them the power to fly!!! And in the wink of an eye, Wunorse had the answer!

He rushed home and designed the most beautiful sleigh anyone had ever seen. Within a few days he'd hitched the reindeer to it and had them zooming across the sky like the circus ponies of his dreams. In the wake of their hooves were trails of magic stardust, lighting the dark winter skies. And as Santa Claus stepped into the sleigh and took the reins, Wunorse proudly became one of the most famous of all the elves as creator of Santa's famous flying sleigh.

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