Flight Log: Wow! Weíre coming down the home stretch now. I could really feel the warm air a few minutes ago as we cruised over San Diego in California. Donít tell Mrs. Claus, but I'm surprising her with a warm, sunny vacation there after Christmas. Weíll be in disguise, so we donít attract attention. If you go to the beach while weíre there, Iíll be disguised as a tall, muscular lifeguard! HOHOHO!

In the meantime, I still have presents to deliver on the west coast, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. Iím hoping all the children are asleep, so I can leave their presents for them. Thatís one of my most important rules. You have to be asleep (not pretend asleep!) or I canít leave your present. SO... if youíre still awake, you should check the Santa Scope to see how close I am to your house!

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